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 the latest ranks and what this means to you

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PostSubject: the latest ranks and what this means to you   Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:19 pm

scout: the trial rank so we know your not an ass or things to that effect, its not like there is a 3000 word essay to be signed in triplicate, lost, found and buried in peat...just dont partake in asshattery and all will be dandy

battle brother: the rank of members who have proven to not be dildos...simple...yet effective

brother captain: when you level to 70-80 you gain this rank...its not favouritism, elitism or whatever...its a reward...recognition for a job well done...absolutely anyone can have this rank...so long as your toon is 70 and above...

the mournival: these four people are the gms of the guild...draz, diago, globbits and filj...between them if theres a question they cant answer its probably not worth knowing anyway

admin: yours truely Smile...i'm just a paper pusher and peace keeper. i'll try to make sure the bank is tidy, and people arent going OTT...trespassers will be shot

now you may have noticed that some ranks are no longer with us...

class leaders, gone...why? because i dont think anybody needs a rank to answer a question. because there are a lot of skilled players in the guild some of whom play the same classes...picking one person over the other is a breeding ground for complications...its easier this way

casual/hard core: these were used to seperate the raiders from the non raiders...like in the 60's we seperated the blacks from teh whites...i have a dream, where raiders and non raiders can co-exist peacefully...and since blizzard nicely put in the event calendar...so if you want to come to a scheduled raid...you can sign up...if you dont...you dont have to...the ranks are thus rendered...IRRELEVANT...

quartermaster...i dont know what it did...its awkward to spell...sorry...but into room 101 it went...

the leadership team is ready to knock heads together and set this guild in motion, hopefully we can get over the fact that these ranks are generic in that few people actually stand out with special titles...if you think i'm picking favourites...check out my girlfriends rank...same as the rest...my alts are all ranked correctly...zakka is the only one with "officer" status...i use the term loosely.

one thing i cannot stress enough though is that if your stuck, ask. if you'd like to do an instance...say so. but its a 2 way street remember that even the leaders have things to do, needless to say i'm refraining from levelling zakka i'll be spending most of my time on my alt deathcow, so if you need any 70 shaped help ask me, i'm not fiddling with new content just yet.

rend asunder needs you. your ideas. your suggestions. things you'd like to see...

oh and iff you can think of better...less gender specific ranks please post your suggestions here and which ever gets the best feedback will be the ones...unless your happy...ifyou rdont understand i would suggest reading the horus heresy books from games workshop. Smile

hope this is all vaguely clear and the like innit Smile
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PostSubject: Re: the latest ranks and what this means to you   Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:48 pm

Errr... Battle Person? lol
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PostSubject: Re: the latest ranks and what this means to you   Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:25 am

all is groovy

just have to add tho "casual/hard core rank"...... this was the single most mis-understood thing there has ever been

it wasn't meant to be seperating anybody as it was meant to be a choice thing.... people who wanted to be left alone to lvl or just go out and about but be in the guild for the social aspect were casual.... and when the time came you could make it known you wanted to raid and what your raid aspirations were (i.e. tank/dps/healer...)

the fact that it got so badly misinterpreted shows there was a huge communication problem

so all new ideas from the GM's will not be implemented untill it's agreed by the 4....

and all major guild discussions should be discussed on the forum as then it does not demand people be online when sometimes they don't have access to the WoW client (at work for instance)
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PostSubject: Re: the latest ranks and what this means to you   

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the latest ranks and what this means to you
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