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 Raiding :)

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PostSubject: Raiding :)   Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:14 pm

Aloha Rend Smile

Hope all is well.

I'm making this post becuase people within the guild want to go to Naxx and start Lich King Raiding.

Now, i got nothing bad to say about you guys, nothing at all, and the meaning behind this post is to offer some friendly advice, so please dont get stroppy, or angry at anything i say, cos at the end of the day, you dont have to listen to me, im not putting anyone down or making it apparent that some people are not ready for it or whatever, but fact of the matter is, if you dont do it with some kind of tactic or plan, the you guys are simpley gonna be spending ALL your gold on repairing, as some of you have had this experiance lol

Now, correct me if im wrong, Raiding is fun, thats why you do it, but wiping constantly and not making any progess, at least for me, is not fun, its rather bloody annoying lol

so, to cut along story short, they way myself, nat, diago, bruce etc etc, we used

WoW Heroes

Be Imba

As Rough guide lines to improve your toon as much as possible Smile

WoW Heroes is usedf to find out exactly where you are in the game

and Be Imba to find out the nest places you need to visit in order to upgrade the gear you have Smile)

After that is comes to researching on the net on all major boss fights and tactics, cos i will warn you now, there are some fucking wanker bosses in there and if not done properly, it can be next to impossible.

Like i said, this is a friendly post to offer some advice on something, i think, if done properly you guys could be really good at it Smile
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Raiding :)
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