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 Gear Requirements

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PostSubject: Gear Requirements   Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:39 pm

Naxx10 - Regular 2day runs
This is a guide, not a hard and fast rule. Please use your common sense and only sign up if you are close to this, and have spent some time gearing up in Heroics.

At least 3 epic heroic dungeon drops, rep items, or lvl 80 crafted epics. Plus most (let's say around 80%) of your gear enchanted/gemmed (TBC gems/chants are acceptable, but do what you can afford). The rest should be blue quality (no greens).

OS + VoA
Be level 80, have at least blues in every slot, preferably some lvl 80 epics too, but I'll not be as strict on these raids.

As per Naxx10 plus....

Uncrittable defence (540), 25K HP unbuffed

Melee DPS
Hit: 8%
Average DPS: 2000 on a boss mob

Caster DPS
Hit: 17% (or 14% with buffs from Shadow priest/Druid)
Average DPS: 2000 on a boss mob

Spellpower: 1700
Mana Regen: 700
Palladins mana regen - 200, with 25% crit
Shaman mana regen - 300 with Water Shield up

10man DPS: 2200 (10man raid buffed)
25man DPS: 2500 (25man raid buffed)
Healing & Tanks - Will post some figures when I can, but you should be 80% decked out in Naxx10 or equivelent items.

Naxx10 Speed Runs
• You must have completed Naxx in its entirety from start to finish, killing all bosses. There will be no time for explaining tactics.
• You must have at least 80% lvl 200 Epics. Again, these runs are not for loot, they are for fun and achievements.
• You must have all your gear enchanted properly
• DPS should be pumping out at least 2200 in a 10 man raid.
• You must have a fast & stable internet connection/PC – many of the achievements involve not “standing in the fire”, and will not be completed if people DC/Lag. Obviously we all suffer from bouts of DC occasionally, but if you routinely die/lag on fights such as Heigan and Thaddius, please don’t sign up.

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Gear Requirements
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