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 A hard decision

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PostSubject: A hard decision   Thu Dec 11, 2008 6:48 pm

I have decided to leave rend asunder... this is due to personal reasons and nothing to do with anybody in rend asunder.... i want to make that absolutely clear from the start.....

this was a hard decision to make as on one side of it i feel i have abandoned people.... however i feel the guild is more than able to succeed without me. i will still only be a txt/phonecall/whisper away if you ever wanna ask me anything or need a tank.

but the main reason of my leaving:

it has been my ambition since i started playing WoW and saw my first raid that i wanted to create from scratch a serious EU raiding guild.

now armed with a protection specced paladin, a large knowledge base and the start of a new expansion i feel this time would be the best opportunity for me to achieve this.

I wish good times with your adventures and remember i'm still on the server... i'm still about!!!

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A hard decision
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