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 questions and slight rant (<<<important>>>)

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PostSubject: questions and slight rant (<<<important>>>)   Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:04 pm

First I'd like to start this on a good note....

The guild lately has been doing very well lately and this i will congratulate everybody on the progress we've been making with rading and the like.....

However.... there are a few things that need to be addressed with wrath of the lich king coming out this week......

(and this is no rant at anybody in particular)

1. Tanks....... what's the plan here....

When wrath comes a knockin and we all start our merry way to lvl 80 what are we gonna be looking at having tank wise?...... my thoughts here stem from the fact that Draz is most likely going to want to lvl his main char to 80 and get back in to raiding with his mage (and this i cannot blame him for)... and if this is so who then falls to be main tank come lvl 80? are we going to be encouraging people with warriors to lvl as or go to prot? am i going to need to lvl my pally to 80 before my rogue (i will do this if needed but need to know before WOTLK comes out).... this may seem like i'm asking about things that we won't need to worry about untill we're all sat at lvl 80 and drooling at the gates of the new raids.... but if we want to get our teeth in to them we're going to need a team ready at that time.......

so far most of the tanking gear has been going to those who are tanking the raids and although this is good for raid progression.... we do need to encourage and gear up as many people who want to be a tank as possible.... i personally feel bad for anybody else who's been wanting a go at tanking for me to appear and plough thru on my pally and then going strait in as OT and getting a load of loot.... eventually we'll be able to have 2 teams and this means at least 4 prot spec whatevers and backups and healing to match. we do need to be looking at the future as much as we're looking at the now.

2. Ranks - when i made the post i did before i will admit i probably left a few holes in the ranks i suggested..... but the ensign rank isn't being used, there's no sense in having this probation rank if it's not gonna get used.....

the hardcore rank was meant to be ONLY for people's chars that were raiding and show that they were willing to put the extra effort in and the reward was that you'd get priority for raids..... and was not to be an officer rank... now it's got /officer chat.... can invite people and this is just silly.

Raid runner.... If it is the case that draz wants to lvl his mage to 80 then go raiding (don't know what his plans are yet) then are we going to need another person in this rank..... personally i don't think this rank is needed.... it could be done quite easily under a general officer rank (which can also be used as the officer rank for class leader alts who'd still like there admin controls)... and doesn't then leave the running of raids to the same people (what if they're busy one week... is that all raiding then cancelled for all people?)

in my opinion the ranks have kind of fallen to anybody jumping in what rank they can get there hands on.... not in a harsh way... just that e-peen can get the better of people and everybody wants to be an officer...... we don't need 300 officers.... all we need are class leaders as a point of contact for questions regarding classes or help with class quests, learning how each spec can be used in different ways to maximize DPS/Healing/Tanking and relay this information to their class.... the quatermasters to help keep the guild bank tidy.... help out with questions about items/gear/quests in the game like where things drop or where a Q chain starts..... a rank for officers alts and other admin duties like raid planning.

the reason for this rant is because there has been a bit of unsettlement as of late... even causing lil lee to leave the guild... and only came back in as she didn't have a choice (she wasn't in control of her account.... and yes she's given me permision to say this in this rant)... she has no bad feelings with the guild... just doesn't want her game play to be ruined if theres any crap..... she's more than happy to be in the guild just as long as things keep to a little bit of consistancy.. if people say they want her to lvl to 70 so that she can be the mage in "X" raid... and want her to lvl asap and offer help...... then help her... and all the others that want help lvl'ing and want to learn how to contribute to a team/raid, instead of leaving them to lvl to 70 just intime for the grind to 80..... if you promise help... give it

and if things arent addressed then come lvl 80 when we're all wanting to raid are we going to have the structure to make the same progress as we have been lately but without the 30% nerf on all Burning crusade bosses.

WOTLK is going to be absolutely nails... and we really are going to need to knuckle down.... we don't need to throw the doors open to the general public as we've shown we can support our selves as a "Plymouth only" raid guild... and for a city specific guild to be raiding is almost unheard of..... so personally i want to make this work...

i guarentee i'm not the only one with questions about the plans for WOTLK.... so any feedback on what i've said or any questions you may have.... now is the time to say/ask!!!!

/rant over

/filj =]
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PostSubject: Re: questions and slight rant (<<<important>>>)   Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:47 am

agreed on all points, bro.
A very valid point, and well made too.

I too think the ranks need a lil bit of tweaking, and the Hardcore rank (which i'd like to propose be changed to "Raider" rank) would me most useful if used to indicate which are our main Raiders and which aren't (yet)

As for my plans for WotLK...i simply haven't made a definate decision yet as to which Char i'm gonna level 1st.
As you can imagine, having two guilds i'm VERY close with makes that somewhat of a tough choice.

I'll keep you posted tho.

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PostSubject: Re: questions and slight rant (<<<important>>>)   Mon Nov 10, 2008 5:15 am

The hardcore rank was meant to be to mark people as raiding chars.... we don't need anything to mark people as our top raiders as we should be building up to have 2 ten man raid teams.... i don't know about you but i really want to get rend in to 25 man WOTLK raid content and for this we need at least 25 people ready to do it..... easiest and quickest way to do this is have as many of us nuking the crap out of the 10 man's to get the l00ts

plus it may be quite fun to have 2 groups going thru the same raid at the same time..... see who can spam guild chat with a whole team getting an achievement first lol

it's kinda one of the reasons i lvl'd a tank..... it's alot more fun for a pally tank to be MT rather than OT..... we contribute alot more dps to the raid if we're the ones getting hit... by everything (holy shield + BoS + heals = unlimited mana bar = constant AoE tanking dmg vs all targets and higher global threat)

but all in all we're gonna fuckin' PWN wrath of the lion king in the FACE!!!
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PostSubject: Re: questions and slight rant (<<<important>>>)   Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:45 am

Well im a druid with gear for all specs and i was a tank before hand so i dont mind being the main tank for the mo im happ with tanking as i am healing and dps so if need be i will take that role
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PostSubject: Re: questions and slight rant (<<<important>>>)   Thu Nov 13, 2008 1:45 pm

I agree that if people have offered people help then they should help them. It always seems to be the same people helping while others never seem to help. Yes we all want to be able to raid but we may need a little help to get there otherwise its always the same group. Seems that others are forgotten, same teams always chosen for raids.
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PostSubject: Re: questions and slight rant (<<<important>>>)   

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questions and slight rant (<<<important>>>)
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