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 Heads Up!!!

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PostSubject: Heads Up!!!   Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:50 pm

This hasn't really been announced in any way shape or form as blizzard didn't see making a show of this advantageous at the current time as they're building hype for Wrath Of The Lion King, and building the wrath launch with the scourge invasion (by the way whilst you are in goul form you are not classed as horde or alliance and therefor can talk to them.... and trade.... and Twisted Evil use their portals to the major cities!!!!! lol! )....

but for the ease of checking raid posts and other such novelty's on the in game calendar whilst you're at work or one of the other few remaining places that exists a computer that is online but doesn't have warcraft installed on it!!!Sleep ..... you can now check your calendar for your chars on the armory!!! sign up to raids and other such things.... affraid

Yay... cheers thank you blizz... nice touch afro
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Heads Up!!!
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