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 Groups, Instances and Raids...

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PostSubject: Groups, Instances and Raids...   Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:13 pm

I understand that a few classes within the guild outnumber others, these mainly include Hunters and Rogues.

It has been brought to my attention today that certain players aren't getting any Practice within group situations at the moment, in fact... today I have had no less than 6 people whisper me concerning lack of group time...

Scenario... 5 people group constantly, 15 others never get the chance, a 20 man raid happens along and what happens?

the answer ladies and gents is that it goes to hell because those less experienced make fatal mistakes because they haven't had the guidance or practice to deal with the situation....

DON'T take the same group every time.
DON'T push people to the sidelines.

DO share group time as much as possible, for instance if you group with one lot of people on Monday and you want to group again on Tuesday take a different player of the same class instead.

DO encourage people to take someone else instead of you if you feel you've been grouping too much.

I'm saying this because 1 or 2 people today are rumoured to have been looking for new guilds, including one guild that I personally don't like all that much, for my own personal reasons...

This is now a warning...

If anyone leaves the guild for this reason within the next few weeks/months I will be doing a serious reshuffle on the ranks until I find officers who I see "FIT" to enforce these new rules...

Just cos you're 70 doesn't make you better than everyone else.

Use your heads guys, Play nice.
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PostSubject: Re: Groups, Instances and Raids...   Mon Oct 06, 2008 1:23 am

i'm working on getting some spiffing healing gear so with at least 2 healers and at least 2 tanks there should'nt be too many more excuses Razz:P:P:P:P

perhaps, as konrads post has illuminated, 2 groups on a semi regular basis...since the 2 people with the most raid XP,draz and spike (i'm assuming anyway) have had to be in the same group via neccessity. with 2 healers will give lea a chance to flex his tanking muscles again and effectively double the groupage in the guild...which would be nice...

thats also a 10 man raid group(i think)

there is also the fact of people being online at the right times etc etc...

for those not 70 but still wanting to instance i dont mind joining as a healer(in fact would welcome teh practice)...i cant offer boosts anymore unfortunately but i can most certainly join you to resto your behinds.

all you gotta do is ask Smile...at the very worst you might have to wait for a battleground to finish(only if we're winning Razz)

i guess the point of this message was, not to try and justify the problem nor to be argumentative or cuntish, but to make it known that the current situation is a very temporary one.

i look forward to keeping y'all alive Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Groups, Instances and Raids...   Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:58 am


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PostSubject: Re: Groups, Instances and Raids...   Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:39 pm

No offence bro but writing a CV of ur achievements isn't a way to solve a problem....

how about suggesting things.....

i.e..... people wanna learn their chars..... so assign class leaders to act as a point of reference

saying there isn't enough tanks.... well.... sort some help out for people who are lvl'in tanks..... i'm doing pretty well at lvl'ing mine despite having to work 5/7 days a week.....

we don't have a large player base in this guild so looking at how many 70's there are isn't a good reflection on how close we are to regular instance runs/raids.... it takes time.... guilds like DoO have alot more accounts within the guild as it isn't city based... it's a european guild

and also take in to account the fact that plymouth is the worlds central point of fucked up working times.... it's fuckin difficult to get 5/10/25 people who can commit enough time at the same time

everybody already knows what the issues are.... we need suggestions how to fix them
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PostSubject: Re: Groups, Instances and Raids...   

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Groups, Instances and Raids...
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